Simpsons Tapped Out - Cool game

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a management / strategy game in which our goal will be to construct the Springfield of dreams. The story of the game is very simple: Homer causes a nuclear catastrophe and throughout the city is going to hell, so with our help you will need to rebuild the city.

The reconstruction process is also very simple, since you only have to go meet some missions we do different characters to go to winning money, experience, and pretzels. With money you can buy new homes, buildings and traditional trades of Springfield, which will open us new possibilities. Experience, on the other hand, will allow us to unlock new possibilities and give rewards. And finally with the doughnuts we can accelerate the process of construction or any task.

Other ways to earn money and experience, as well as to carry out all the tasks that ask us to Homer, Lisa, Ned Flanders, Moe or Apu, will visit the cities of our friends. And is that the Simpsons: Tapped Out finally and after is a social game, so if we see how our friends also receive rewards.

Its functioning, therefore remember enough to other titles like Farmville or Cityville, social with the great addition of having all the characters of the Simpsons, with their original voices, playing on the screen of our terminal iOS.

The graphics of the game is another of the strong points of the same, since at all times make us think that we are seeing an episode of the series thanks to the great care with which you are all represented.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a real wonder as a social game. It is fun, addictive and pleasant to the eye. In addition, thanks to which uses Origin to connect, we will be very easy to find lots of friends who also play. read more.

iFile File Permission Guide

In case for some of you wondering how to set permissions by using iFile Cydia app, here’s a quick guide for you.
Some file need to set permissions if you edit or modify that file, like we sometimes using Game hacks.  Here I will show you how to set permissions on your iPhone using ifile. 
1. Open up iFile. Then go to var/mobile/ You will see “Applications” there:
2. Tap on Applications, then you will see the Applications names there, if you don’t, you see things like this: 54FJAKLJ-FAJGF-FAKJLIWEQUT then go to the button left, tap on the setting icon:

3. You will see Preferences, the tap on File Manager to open:

4. After you opened File Manager, go to Application Names, and toggle ON. Then hit “Done” on your up right Corner.
5. Now, you will be able to see all your applications names, find the game/app you want to set permissions, here I am using DH4 for demo, then tap to open the folder: (Yours will be different, for example, “Secret” is for the game “Secret Passages: Hidden Objects”)

6. Then you will see the app files folder, tap to open it, yours would be different, for example “”

7. Now you will see all the files, scroll down to find the file you want to set permissions, in this case, it’s “DungeonHunter4“, yours would be different, for example “secretpassages“. Then tap on the blue narrow

8. Now, it’s time to set permissions, set to the same as the screenshot below:

9. After you set the permission like the screenshot above, tap on “Done”.
Now, you are go to good!!
- Read = 4
- Write = 2
- Execute = 1
If u want to set 775, so
* User : read,write,execute (4+2+1)
* Group = read,write,execute (4+2+1)
* World = read,execute (4+1).
Normally, we just need to set permissions to 777  (read, write,execute) if we are using a game hack. Let me know what you think in comment section below.

Furious 6 and The Video Game

The Fast and the Furious, known in Latin America as fast and furious and in Spain as A full-throttle or 'Fast & Furious' is a film of us action dedicated to the world of motor racing, specifically to the tuning. The film stars the actors Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodríguez and Jordana Brewster was directed by Rob Cohen. It was written by Ken Li and Gary Scott Thompson1 and produced by Neal H. Moritz and John Pogue. The producer was Universal Studios and was released on different dates of the year 2001.

It is a film that shows for the first time to the spectator the glamorous and dangerous world of street racing 2 with fully modified commercial cars and showing the viewer the possibility of performing stunts and competitions with normal cars, unlike the European Supercars

Likewise, a description of the meetings which are totally modified car, with bright colors and lights, and beautiful women scantily clad. This film is the first of 6 installments of the saga Fast & Furious and the plot takes place entirely in Los Angeles, although later in the series the players for various reasons to travel to other cities. It is the beginning of an interesting saga of films. The music of this first part is in charge mainly of artists of rap like Ja Rule, DMX or R. Kelly, among others.

Convicted Street and former conductor Dominic "dom" Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team: Jesse (Chad Lindberg), Leon (Johnny Strong), Vince (Matt Schulze) and the bride of Dom, Letty (Michelle Rodríguez), using three Honda Civic 1995 modified perpetrated a series of kidnappings of truck semi-trailer, at high speed, carrying more than 6 million in merchandise. Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) police officer is sent undercover in a joint investigation of the FBI and Los Angeles police to stop the band. 

Brian uses his work undercover in The Racer completo Edge, a store of spare parts, to make connections and infiltrate the scene of street racing. He enters his Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 1995 420A modified in an illegal race with Dom and other two pilots but lost to the Mazda RX-7 1993 modified DOM However Brian earns respect for Dom, when he arrives in time to avoid that Dom was captured by police in response to the race. To flee, Dom and Brian accidentally venture into southern California, "Little Saigon", and meet the rival Sun, Johnny Tran (Rick Yune) and his band, who open fire with machine guns, causing the rupture of the tank of nitrous oxide and the destruction of the Eclipse to exploit the gas.

The next day, Brian takes a destroyed Toyota Supra 1994 Sun workshop and offers his talent as a pilot to pay the debt for losing the race. Brian begins dating the sister of Dom, Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Jesse goes to work on the restoration of the Supra. The research eventually leads Brian to suspect Tran and his gang carry out kidnappings and leads the performance report to his superior, Sergeant Tanner (Ted Levine) and special agent of the FBI Bilkins (Thom Barry). When Brian gets into the garage of Tran find merchandise that was in the truck that was assaulted and warns his superiors. 

Then a new theft is carried out and, consecutively, the police acts to stop Tran and his band. However, after the arrests, is that Tran and his band were clean and that the goods found by Brian in the garage was acquired legally, showing that they are innocent. Then, Tanner and Bilkins return to his original hypothesis that Dominic and his band are the authors. Tanner warns Brian not to let his feelings for Mia or his friendship with Dom to cloud his judgment, and Bilkins gives Brian thirty-six hours to solve the case.
Fast and Furious Showdown Crack

Now come Furious 6 and all the actors advances in their each separate live and living the lives of a billionaire when the family hears a news about Letty who they all though had died in the mexico encounter. Now they all want to get her back and calls on the whole family again to do the job.

With the release of the movie which has already made a big hit, a video game is also released to piggy back on the big show. Will it also surpass the expectations of games? Lucky for you, I just know where to get the game for free. So if you are looking for a Fast and Furious Showdown Crack, the you can head over to and download it.

So again, I have watch the show and it rocks, played the game and enjoyed it. Hope you also do.

Internet Download Manager Review

Are you tired of some downloads per server to become eternal? This is already history thanks to Internet Download Manager.

It is a practical application with which you can double your downhill speed files reducing the time and at the same time avoiding complications thanks to its simple interface.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) includes everything you need to make the process of downloading files does not pose any problem even for users less accustomed to such applications.

You only have to insert the download URL or determine that the program includes direct access from your web browser. Inserted once the direction of what you want to download you can choose the file type among 6 categories (general, document, music, video, programs, compressed file).

In addition, at all times you will have the option stop and reload the downloads later and even program the moment that you want to transfer files to your hard drive from occurring.

So, if you need a IDM Full crack, you can always check the link for the latest crack version of the software and download it for free. That means no more download problems or lags or interrupted downloads. read about emulators.